Scam Passport Offer In The Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, I just heard of a firm called Banker Trust in the Dominican Republic. They claim their immigration attorneys use recent changes in Caribbean law to procure you legal citizenship and a passport in six to eight months for a total cost of only US$24,900. Is this a scam?

“If it is true, I would be interested just because so many things change so quickly, it would probably be good to have a second passport as insurance. I have also heard there are scams, but I don’t know how to check them out to find out if they are legitimate. Do you have any thoughts and/or suggestions?”

–Michael M., United States

We’ve heard about this program, but don’t know anyone who has tried it. I don’t see how it’s possibly legitimate, though.

The shortcut way I know to acquire citizenship in the DR is to invest a minimum of US$160,000 in a business. That allows you to cut the required residency period before becoming eligible to apply for naturalization from seven years to only three.

I wouldn’t give anyone US$25k without speaking to references, people who have successfully obtained citizenship through the program and verifying the documentation you would receive as a result of the investment. Getting a passport isn’t the full end game. You also want to receive a naturalization certificate that shows you are a citizen. A passport can be faked, and, even if it works until it expires, you wouldn’t be able to renew it if you aren’t actually naturalized.

Remember it is a crime to travel on a false passport. The kind of crime you go to jail for. Not worth the risk. Remember, too, that you have many other options for obtaining a legitimate second passport.


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–Bill & Bonnie B., United States

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