Citizenship In Central & South America

“Kathleen, I’ve been told that marriage to a Honduran citizen by a U.S. citizen gives the U.S. citizen Honduras citizenship. Is this so, and what are the requirements and pitfalls, if any?

“What other quick citizenship exists in Central or South America?”

–Louis F., United States

Yes, it is generally true that being married to a citizen of a country allows you, eventually, to become a citizen yourself. The rules vary country to country. Typically, you must be resident in the country with the spouse for some minimum period before becoming eligible for citizenship. Contact the Honduran Embassy in the United States for the particulars of how this works in that country

Uruguay is probably the quickest and most straightforward jurisdiction for naturalization in the Americas right now. That said, this isn’t an easy or “quick” thing to accomplish anywhere, though, again, Uruguay is easier and quicker than your other options.


“Lief, we have relocated to Belize, which is an English-speaking country. Nevertheless, we found your recent comments about misunderstandings when living in a foreign country to be very true. Our sayings make no sense to many locals. They combine Creole and Spanish with their English, furthering the confusion!

“My husband and I have a signal if either one of us begins to get impatient. We say ‘UA!’ (Ugly American!) to keep each other in check. Though things often take longer and are done in perhaps an inefficient or just different way than we are used to, we keep reminding ourselves that we are the outsiders here. Just laugh and say it is all part of the adventure of living in a foreign land.

“Thanks again and keep up the greatly informative letters!”

–Susanne & Paul L., Belize

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