Self-Sufficient Lifestyle At Maya Spring Estates, Belize

“Kathleen, I loved reading about your recent purchase at Maya Spring Estates in the Cayo District of Belize and was reminded of my own goals–a garden in a destination where you can be self-sufficient, independent, and off the beaten path. I’m a property owner in Los Islotes and your article on Maya Spring Estates brought a question to mind. Is the soil at Los Islotes fertile enough for a garden? Is Los Islotes one of the other best places on earth to grow things?

“I look forward to reading about your adventures and starting our own on the sunny west coast of the Azuero Peninsula.”

–Peg F., United States

Indeed, Los Islotes is a great place to grow things and to have a garden. We intend a big garden of our own, and a fruit orchard, too. We hope you’ll join us in the undertakings.


“Kathleen, I have really been enjoying following your reports from Belize! You and Lief are something. I want to know what your energy tonic is. How do you do it and raise a family at the same time? So interested to find out that you bought property in Belize for future sustainable living. That is a keen personal interest of mine, too!”

–Jackie M., United States 

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