Shipping Household Goods Overseas

“Kathleen, as newcomers to your website, my wife and I have been greatly enjoying your newsletter.

“We are both retired and are planning (for the first time) to spend a few months of the year overseas, specifically in Germany. We wonder whether, from your own experience of moving among continents, you might have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts? Like how to handle your U.S. mail, unexpected letters/bills, insurance issues, and more. How do American snowbirds take care of business at home, while they spend a few months in Panama, etc., outside the United States? Do they typically fly back and forth every few weeks to take care of business at home, or have their neighbors screen their mail for ‘must answer promptlies’?

“I thought I’d write to ask, in case you have already compiled somewhere the nuts and bolts info on how to travel/live in two worlds. If so, we would be very interested, if it’s not too much trouble.”

–Henry S., United States

The best resource I can think of for your situation is my “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas” course, which walks you through all the nuts-and-bolts particulars of planning for a new life in a new country, full- or part-time, in retirement or not.

This course, which I created last year, is a blueprint for making a great success of the kind of adventure you and your wife are embarking on.


“Kathleen, we have been in San Ignacio, Belize, for four months now. Thank you for all your info and help in getting us here! I hope that you will print the following, because I think this personal experience could help other people reading your e-letter with several issues.

“I want to recommend that if you are moving lots of stuff (car, household goods, etc.) to call a mover long before you sell your house or plan to move. We thought we would fill a container ourselves. But we goofed. The movers said that they would not accept ‘PBO’ (Packed By Owner), and they insisted on repacking the container. We may as well have let them pack it from the beginning and store it (while we were waiting for our QRP approval and my business sale follow-up). We effectively paid twice while putting ourselves through a lot of work for no benefit.

“Is Belize worth it? Yes, but we could have gotten ourselves and our stuff here more easily and cheaper.

“No doubt, if you print this, you’ll reference, in your response, a link to one of your digital products that I managed to overlook. If you do (as I hope you will), the moral for the reader is to buy the information from you, thus saving time and money in the long run.”

–Bill O., Belize

Thank you for writing to share your experience…and for your endorsement of our materials! It’s much appreciated.

See above.

We haven’t yet published a resource focused on shipping household goods specifically. However, my “52 Days To Your New Life Overseas” course includes “lessons” on this topic…

Which make the point you make…which is this:

If you’re going to ship furniture, household goods, and/or a vehicle to another country, hire professionals. It’ll save you a lot of time, aggravation, and money in the long run.

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