Should I Still Retire To Ecuador?

“Kathleen, my research shows Ecuador as one of the better countries to retire at, and you don’t even mention it. That makes me wonder about your research.”

–Greg G., United States

I’ve been mentioning, researching, and spending time in Ecuador… as well as including the country on my lists of world’s top retirement havens… for 30 years.

You can read more about what Ecuador has to offer on our website.


“Kathleen, I’ve got six more years before I hang it up. I want a country with a good market for renovating properties and playing some golf. What comes to your mind?”

–Dave L., Saudi Arabia

Portugal, specifically its coastal Algarve region. Two dozen golf courses and a seriously undervalued, euro-denominated property market, including loads of old houses of character in need of some tender loving care.

Portugal took top honors in our Retire Overseas Index this year and will be among the countries we’ll present during next week’s Retire Overseas Conference and Retire Overseas Expo in Orlando. Not too late to join us, especially if you live in the Greater Orlando area.

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