Single Women Traveling Alone

“Kathleen, I just subscribed to your newsletter and have been getting your e-mails. I am a single woman, and all of your material seems geared to couples. I am considering relocating to Central America and am wondering if you could tell me which cultures in that part of the world are most accepting of single women?”

— Mary C., United States

I’d say Belize, because of its British heritage.

At the other end of the spectrum would be Guatemala, where I wouldn’t recommend a woman think about relocating on her own.

Otherwise, you could be fine most anywhere, but you’ll find less of the macho mindset that can be typical in this part of the world in Belize. Plus, they speak English in Belize, meaning you’ll be able to make friends more easily.

You just missed our Live and Invest in Belize Conference, held last week in Belize City. But the event was such a success that we’re already making plans for the next one. We’re finalizing dates for February 2011. Watch this space for further details as soon as we have them.



“Kathleen, I’ve just subscribed to your newsletter after defecting from other similar services whose information I found to be wildly inaccurate and sometimes close to lies. I’m glad to have found you.

“I am interested in retiring in France and need to find out about medical care there for people who are either U.S. citizens or Green Card holders. Do you have any publications on that subject?”

— Evelyne L., United States

We have published various France Country Retirement Reports–one on Languedoc and a second on the Béarn, our two top choices for affordable living in this glorious country.

In addition, our France Correspondent Lucy Culpepper is standing by always to answer questions. And, to have all your France questions answered live and in person, you could make plans to join us in Paris next month for our Live and Invest in France Conference. We’d love the chance to meet you there.

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