Social Security Payments Overseas

“Regarding your ‘5 Places to Retire On Social Security Alone’ article, Kathleen, which appeared on Yahoo! finance, courtesy of U.S. News & World Reports, I have a question.

“Isn’t there a Social Security penalty for retiring overseas? Many in my wife’s family (Mexicans) believe so. They say they would get only 2/3 or 3/4 of their checks if the SS Administration knew they retired in Mexico.

“Your article didn’t mention this. Are my relatives wrong, or does the overseas retirement penalty apply to Green Card holders only and not U.S. citizens?

“Since many potential U.S. overseas retirees are or are spouses of legal foreign residents, this information would be a useful addition to your books and articles.”

— Jeff F., United States

Yes, that’s it. If you’re a citizen of the United States, your Social Security payments will keep coming no matter how long you stay outside the United States or where you live. As long as you continue to be eligible for the payments as a citizen, you will continue to receive them.

However, there are some restrictions for Green Card holders who retire to another country. You can read more here.

We’ve been receiving so many questions related to Americans receiving their Social Security payments overseas that we’ve charged our editors with creating a special report to detail the issue in full. Watch this space.

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