Spanish Study In Spain Versus Spanish Study In Latin America

“Kathleen, I am looking into ways of learning Spanish. I would guess that this is the foreign language of greatest interest to your readers.

“One question in my mind is about how transferable Spanish learning is. Will Spanish learned in Spain work well in Latin America? Indeed, will Spanish learned in (say) Mexico work well in (say) Colombia or Argentina?”

–Adrian F., United States

Think about the differences between U.S. English and British English… and between Irish English and Australian English.

It’s the same with Spanish. Each Spanish-speaking country has its own accent, its own slang, and some unique vocabulary. For example, the word for “watermelon” in most places is sandia, but it’s something different in Venezuela.

In other words, you want to target your Spanish study to the Spanish-speaking country where you’re planning to spend time.

That said, if you learn Spanish in one country, you should be able to communicate in other Spanish-speaking countries. The ease of communication country to country will depend on your fluency level.

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