Stamp 0 Makes Retiree Residency In Ireland More Difficult

“Kathleen, today in Lief’s daily email he said the Irish government has recently made it more difficult to obtain residency there. As we are seriously thinking of relocating to Ireland, this is worrying news. Could you elaborate, please? Thanks!”

–Lis S., United States

Irish immigration has added a new residency stamp, Stamp 0, which is meant to cover retirees. The income requirement is 50,000 euros per person per year, which is a ridiculous amount of income to require of a retiree in this country.

We’ve tried several times and various avenues to get more insights and information from the Irish immigration authorities, but they aren’t interested in being helpful. Their response again and again has been, “The information is on the website.” However, the information on the website isn’t clear or complete.

We’ll continue trying to find out more. Meantime, we have downgraded Ireland on our world’s top retirement havens list… as we explain in detail in our year-end issue of the Overseas Retirement Letter. In this round-up issue, we review the plus and minuses of the best places in the world to retire and point out why some places make more sense than ever… and others less.

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