Starting A Business In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, your e-mails on Medellin are very enticing. My wife and I are retired on Social Security and have other resources. Two of my children, both in very early 50s, want to immigrate, as well. They both know Spanish. We can help them invest for an investor visa (maybe the short-term rental project you wrote about), but are there any employment opportunities there for them?

“My son is interested in a farm or cattle. I would like to attend your conference in May, but we need to know about the possibility of the two kids getting into Colombia and means of support.”

–Curtis W., United States

Farming opportunities in Colombia are many, and, as your children speak Spanish, yes, this could be something to pursue. Getting a job, on the other hand, would not be a realistic goal. Whether it’s farming or some other business venture, they’ll probably need to create their own “jobs” and generate incomes that way.

Again, this is very possible, and entrepreneurial opportunities in Colombia are many. This is one topic we’ll take up when we convene our upcoming Live and Invest in Colombia Conference in May.

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