Taking The American Dream Overseas

“Kathleen, relocating overseas could save individuals, but I don’t see how it saves the American Dream. Personally, I am torn between bugging out and staying here and slugging it out…”

–Charlie M., United States

The American Dream is portable.

In fact, it was imported originally. The original colonizers, from Britain and elsewhere…they came in search of opportunity, freedom, a chance to start over, a chance to be their own men (or women) and to make their own way. That was the birth of the American Dream.

It was imported…and it can (and I’d say there’s no reason it shouldn’t) be exported.

The Idea Of America…the American Dream…is a perspective…a point of view…a romantic optimism about future potential and a quiet confidence in one’s own ability to realize that potential if given a chance. All you need for the American Dream is opportunity…and a willingness to step up and seize it.

This potential exists right now in many interesting, appealing, welcoming places around the world.

The American Dream shouldn’t be held geographically captive. It’s more about the American approach and point of view…than it is about any particular geographic position.

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