Taxes In Ireland

“Kathleen, I am working through your 52 Day program and enjoying it. I hope other people write with questions, and I am not the only one!

“From the Day 12 lesson, I have printed the Deloitte reports for Italy and France. I would like to know if you have a similar report for Ireland, as this is the other European interest of ours. You have suggested in your program that it could be sensible to start overseas in an English-speaking country if we’re not ready to learn a new language. Also, I know that you lived in Ireland for seven years. So I thought you might have the link for the Deloitte report for that country?”

–Susan N., United States

Search for “Ireland taxes Deloitte,” and you’ll find an updated link to the PDF online. This works for all countries for which Deloitte publishes their reports.

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