Tequila, Best Mexican Restaurant In Casco Viejo, Panama

“Kathleen, great piece on Casco Viejo. The French Embassy facing the water is beautiful. I enjoy the local merchants selling their handmade items. You may want to mention the best Mexican restaurant in Casco Viejo, Tequila, run by two brothers with a Mexican cook and fresh flour tortillas. When I asked the brothers what part of Mexico they were from…they answered Venezuela. But who wants Venezuelan food when you can have some of the best Mexican food this side of the border.”

–Bob A., Colombia


“Kathleen, thank you for your newsletters. I’m about 15 years from retiring, and it doesn’t look like living in the United States is going to be comfortable for me when I do retire. I’m just an average Joe here, no money to speak of. However, I plan on saving whatever I can, and, with that and my Social Security income, I plan on finding somewhere warm to live out my days. I’ll learn whatever language the local folks speak, no problem.

“I really depend on your investigations to figure out where I might wind up. So I just want to shout out a big ‘thank you’ for all your interesting stories and recommendations concerning where to retire comfortably.”

–Augustino D., United States


“Kathleen, I have been reading your offers for a year or so. I am old (72) with young children just starting their adult lives. I am a fan of them living in the entire world. My 26-year-old daughter loves South America and is going to Brazil in February. My 22-year-old, just graduated from the University of Southern California son, is at this very moment on an airplane to Thailand.

“We as a family over the last 12 years or so have taken advantage of our Marriott two weeks of time-share condos each year to travel to Hawaii several times, San Marteen once, Tortola, Belize last summer, just to name a few. My wife and I want our children to be comfortable in the world.

“Keep up the good work, so that folks like me can build the courage to enjoy the world on our own terms as you are doing.”

–Jamie W., United States

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