Terrorism In Paris

“Okay, I’m sorry, Kathleen, but, really, this is what you are sending out today?

“All weekend long I have been wondering how are Kathleen and Lief doing in Paris. I mentioned it to my husband numerous times. We are followers of your work, and we feel like we have a personal connection with you.

“What we want to know from you today is how the hell are you? We hope you are doing ok in the aftermath of the Paris attacks. Please reach out and let us know.”

–Carole W., United States

We’re in Panama right now, and we are fine.

Early Saturday morning, our 15-year-old son Jackson came out from his room to say, “All my friends in Paris have posted ‘safe’ on their Facebook pages…”

One friend in Paris wrote yesterday in response to my email checking in on her and her family to say:

“Bataclan is close and a venue we do go to, so that certainly made it feel like a close call. We had just sent out-of-town friends there a few weeks ago. Luckily it was a quiet night in for us. Life is carefully getting back to normal now, but the weekend was very difficult. You could almost feel evil in the air…”

Another replied:

“We are fine but shocked. Never seen Paris with all schools, shops, museums, etc., closed. The streets are deserted. It is horrible…”

A third asked:

“Will you be coming to visit soon? We’d like to see you…”

We’re looking at our schedules, and, yes, we’ll be there as soon as we can manage it.

Meantime, we, like the whole world right now, are thinking of Paris.

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