The Advantages Of Living And Investing In South Africa

“Kathleen, I have been subscribing to your newsletter for some while and enjoy it thoroughly. Very frank and objective. A fabulous aid for people looking to relocate. Like a compass through a minefield. Well done.

“My comment is really this. I have yet to see you reference South Africa as a possible destination. Anyone who has visited will certainly rate the country as one of the most beautiful and blessed with an abundance of riches at awesome prices. First world economy and infrastructure with a very advanced banking system, not to mention the weather!”

–Alistair M., South Africa

I hear good things about South Africa from many sources. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the privilege to visit the country yet but hope to.

One hiccup those who’ve invested in the country reference is to do with currency restrictions, but I presume there are workarounds, as in Venezuela and Argentina.

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