The Climate In Paraguay

“Kathleen, in your recent articles, why have you not mentioned that weather in Paraguay is for almost six months 30 degrees Celsius and above daily? It’s even hotter in the Chaco region.

“Pretty intense for even Southerners and people from New York and points south. Why have you not mentioned this?”

–Pete M., United States

Climate is relative. For us, coming from Panama City where the average high temperature is 30 degrees Celsius or higher 11 months of the year (and 29 degrees Celsius on average during the 12th month), compared with only five months in Asuncion, our time in Asunción last week was a pleasant respite, not nearly as humid or as hot as back home in Panama. Of course, April is the start of autumn for Paraguay, when temperatures are cooler than their summer highs.

Paraguay sees four seasons. That’s our preferred climate. Eternal summer becomes dull for us.

That’s us. Your ideas about ideal climate will differ.

Bottom line, yes, Paraguay gets hot in summer (everyone we met with spoke of it and some said they deal with it by traveling elsewhere during the summer months), and it gets cold in winter, sometimes to freezing (though it seldom snows).

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