The Coming End Of The World In Belize 2012

“Kathleen, no, the Mayans do not believe 2012 will be the end of the world, as you have suggested. You couldn’t be further from the truth. That is the biggest misconception in the world, though. Get your facts straight before writing something that ridiculous.”

–Will P., United States

I asked Belize Correspondent Phil Hahn to help with a reply:

“Right, the general ‘belief’ that the ancient Maya predicted the End of the World on Dec. 21, 2012, is not based on fact. Are there living Maya in Belize who claim this year will be the End of the World? Yes. Do they believe it? Perhaps some do, just as some people in every culture have believed in doomsday predictions.

“Most rational thinkers just want to ‘Party like it’s 1999’ (Prince, 1982). The prediction locally, as Kathleen’s lighthearted article suggested, is that this country will celebrate with an extended party that will progress from ‘The End of the World’ to ‘I Survived the End of the World.’ So we should all plan to be in Belize at the end of this year for the party…and the T-shirts.

“Resorts and tourist destinations throughout the Mundo Maya are taking full advantage of ‘End of the World’ marketing. As far as we know, it’s all in good fun.”


“Kathleen, I have been reading your articles for several years and really enjoy all the information you provide, which has made me think very seriously about living abroad in one of the tax havens you recommend. I am currently a contractor working for the U.S. military in Germany, so I have lived overseas for several years. Now, though, I am really interested in looking into doing something totally different in Panama, Medellin, Colombia, Belize, Costa Rica, or even Chiang Mai, Thailand.

“My problem is I need to continue to work on my current contract until at least October 2012. However, after that I am planning to attend one of your conferences, such as the upcoming Offshore Summit or one of your comprehensive Live and Invest Overseas conferences.

“Do you have a projected schedule for your conferences in 2013 so that I can do a little planning on when and where it would be best for me to attend in the next year?”

–Alan P., Germany

First, let’s recap our schedule through 2012:

  • Live and Invest in Panama, July 11-13, Panama City
  • Offshore Summit, Aug. 6-8, Panama City
  • Live and Invest in Colombia, Sept. 10-12, Medelllin

In addition, we’ve just added a new, first-ever event to our 2012 calendar:

  • Live and Invest in Ecuador, to take place November in Quito. Full details to be released soon.

Here’s what we’re planning for 2013, specific dates still to be determined:

  • January: Global Financial Summit, a joint-venture with like-minded groups
  • March: Live and Invest in Belize, Belize City
  • April: Retire Overseas Conference, United States, city to be determined
  • May: Live and Invest in Europe, Dublin
  • June: Live and Invest in Panama, Panama City
  • July: Offshore Summit, Panama City
  • August: Live and Invest in Colombia, Medellin
  • September: Live and Invest in Mexico, Riviera Maya
  • October: Live and Invest in Ecuador, Quito
  • November: Live and Invest in Asia, Thailand
  • December: Live and Invest in Central America, cruise from Colon, Panama, to Cartagena, Colombia

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