The Cost Of Living: Ecuador Versus Costa Rica

“Kathleen, I’ve heard so many times how Ecuador is such an inexpensive place.

“I always go to Costa Rica, but I find it a bit on the expensive side, at least where I go. So I decided to try Ecuador. I am currently checking out accommodation and car rental prices, but these prices do not seem cheap at all. As a matter of fact, lots of them seem to be more money.

“Am I missing out on something?”

–Jason M., United States

Hotel and car rental prices aren’t a good indicator of the cost of living anywhere, and neither is a factor we’d take into account when figuring the cost of living for any destination.

Instead, you want to look at supermarket prices, the cost of electricity, property costs (for rentals if you’re going to rent or for purchase if you plan to buy), property taxes, etc. You want to look at living expenses, not tourism expenses.

When you look at these kinds of costs, Ecuador is indeed a very affordable destination and much cheaper than Costa Rica.

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