The Cost Of Living In Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

“Kathleen, I receive your email newsletter (which I must comment that I do enjoy and appreciate). I was quite intrigued when you began making mention of the Dominican Republic and have been following your promotions of the DR lately with great interest.

“The reason I am interested in the DR is that in 2011 I went down to there and married a gal there and lived down there with her and her two children for a year-and-a-half. I had a very positive experience, and I plan to go back.

“One point that caught my attention in an email recently is that you made mention of a rental price of about US$450 per month as a low-end price for a one-bedroom apartment. I would like to advise you that the cost is even cheaper than that. We currently have a three-bedroom, three-bath apartment rented in Santo Domingo that we are keeping even though we are not currently living there. The cost is only about US$270 per month (it varies with fluctuations in exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Dominican peso). I’m not talking about some dump of a place.

“At present, of course, I’m back at the salt mines here in the United States, counting the days until we can return to the DR.”

–Walden B., United States

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