The Cost Savings Of Retiring

“Kathleen, the Las Vegas option was a consideration for me for about a weekend. The thought of living there just turned my stomach, and I had to stop looking at the real estate online. The food in restaurants always seems wilted, they have a massive water problem, and I don’t drink or gamble. So, for my family, not a good choice.

“Instead, we are planning to move to Cuenca, Ecuador, in July. I am a single (widowed) mother and living off of my husband’s retirement, which is getting me nowhere fast in California. If we spend four years in Ecuador, I will be able to save US$100,000 in four years and then buy a property somewhere (but not in Las Vegas! ). I was astonished when I did the math on this, and I cannot think of a better or more worthwhile solution.

“The international school in Cuenca appeals to me for my children’s education. As does the promise of writing my blog and travel articles while I sip 50-cent cafe lattes from Cafe Indigo!

“I am so happy you mentioned the comparison of a beach in Panama to Las Vegas. It is really ludicrous to think that that landlocked city could begin to compare to the cool ocean breezes of a heavenly paradise!

“Have a lovely weekend.”

–Alanna S., United States

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