The Economic Risks Of Retiring Overseas

“Kathleen, I enjoy your information on life overseas as an alternative to potential chaos at home. I’m in my mid-80s now and probably not going to repeat what I did 30 years ago, which was moving to Mexico for 15 years, successfully publishing an English-language tourist magazine, and thoroughly enjoying the lifestyle…for a while.

“Based on my experience, I think your advice falls short in certain respects: the involutions and convolutions of financial aspects in the expat’s country of choice. For example, many destinations, like Mexico, have their own problems from which newcomers are not exempt. Peso devaluations such as we experienced during the Echeveria and Lopez Portillo administrations decimated bank accounts. Meanwhile, the beaches were pristine, the margaritas tasty, and the fishing excellent. Almost everything else was affected by the established custom of ‘mordida,’ or gratuity, exacted by government employees!”

–Louise C., United States

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