The Importance Of Diversifying Overseas

“Kathleen, I’m sensing regret on your part that you are in too deep to return to Baltimore. I believe that you and your company are in a great niche in the publishing business. I enjoy the newsletters and the little stories that everyone has. Don’t give up!”

–Eddie R., United States

Well, yes, we’re in pretty deep! And, yes, as the years pass, I am missing Baltimore more than I used to. But, no, I don’t regret a day of the past 15 years or so. It’s been a great adventure with lots more to come, I hope.

However, something is becoming clearer to me, as time passes. This isn’t about either/or. You (and I) don’t have to choose between the United States and the rest of the world. The Live and Invest Overseas strategy is about options, opportunities, and diversification, the world over, including “back home” (for me, Baltimore, Maryland).

I strongly believe it’s critically important for every American to be spreading his money and his life around right now, more important than it has ever been in our history. But, again, that diversification strategy doesn’t have to mean closing any doors or burning any bridges, Stateside or anywhere else.

We’re about more options, not fewer.


“Kathleen, we have been working very hard to get through our financial problems, as we have been devastated with the financial downturn. Our goal is to spend some time in Panama and see if this is where we want to retire. We have traveled the Caribbean and have friends throughout the area and love it. Your articles spell out our situation very clearly. We hope to be ready to make a move next year. Thank you for all.”

–David A., United States

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