The Pluses And The Minuses Of Retiring In Belize Vs Panama

“Kathleen, your dispatches are very confusing. In one, you tout Belize, and then you tout Panama

“Does Panama have earthquakes, hurricanes, like other areas? You state that Belize does.”

— Jeri B., United States

Yes, the good options for living, retiring, and investing overseas are many, and, yes, the choices can seem confusing.

Panama and Belize are two countries that make particular sense right now, big-picture, in the current global climate. Both are great destinations for banking and investing, as well as for living and retiring.

Panama has earthquakes. Belize does not.

Belize sees hurricanes. Panama does not.

Belize is a small country with a small population where English is the official language. Panama is bigger with a bigger population but still small enough to maneuver. The official language in Panama is Spanish, but many here, especially in Panama City, speak at least some English.

Panama City is an international melting pot that has attracted traders, adventurers, and entrepreneurs from all over the world for centuries. Belize is populated mostly by the descendents of the British (who colonized it) and the Mayans, with some Caribbean (Black) and Spanish (from Honduras, Guatemala, and Mexico) mixed in.

Belize has a Caribbean coast and a sprinkling of Caribbean islands offshore. Panama has both Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Both have mountainous interiors where the climates are cooler.

If these two countries interest you, the best next step would be to visit them. Spend a week or two in each place and see what you think. While they share many similarities, Belize and Panama are very different places. You’ll know within a few days if one suits you or not.

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