The Politics Of Ecuador’s President Correa


“Kathleen, thanks for bringing balance to the debate about whether or not Correa would confiscate property owned by foreigners. I think this is just the result of the paranoid fear whenever a proponent of social justice (some might say “left-winger”) is leading a country. President Correa is part of the new wave of left-leaning leaders who is first and foremost bringing citizens closer to equality, without the gross divisions that used to exist in the tin-pot dictatorships of yesteryear (Pinochet, Stroessner, Bautista, Somoza, Rios Montt, etc.).

“The first time I saw one of your headlines referencing President Correa and the possibility that he might expropriate foreign-held land, I thought, uh-oh, here goes another capitalist rant about those dirty South American communists. I was wrong. I greatly appreciate the way you can be a real estate investor and yet bring balanced reporting on these issues. The two are often mutually exclusive. I have developed a deep confidence in your viewpoints.”

–Mick L., Canada

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