The Real Cost Of Living In Dumaguete, Philippines

“Dear Ms. Peddicord, I just read the cost of living in your article about ‘The World’s 9 Most Affordable Places to Retire’ that I saw on yahoo this week.

“Correction for Dumaguete, please! For a couple, these are the monthly costs: rental of 100-square-meter house, 170 euro; shopping for food, up to 170 euro; utility bills, up to 80 euro; petrol, up to 30 euro; various, 100 euro. That is a total of 550 euro, or US$760 right now.

“Above prices are average costs for living well. You may find cheaper houses, not have first-class fresh fish twice per week, not have 120 channels on your TV, use a bicycle instead of your own car, etc.

“By the way, a small secondhand car costs about US$2,700 to US$3,000, and a brand-new 100cc motorcycle is US$1,200.”

–Akis V., Greek citizen living in Dumaguete since 2010

Usually readers call us out on budgets we publish to say they’re understated. This kind of correction, suggesting that our budget is inflated, we love.

(Our Dumaguete budget totaled US$1,000 per month.)

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