The Truth About Beaches In Panama

“Kathleen, a couple of friends of mine, knowing that I have an interest in moving to Panama, offered this info–that some of the beaches that locals use are covered in oil. Since I only saw a few beaches on my own, is there any truth to this?”

Doug G., United States

Covered in what kind of oil? Suntan oil?

I haven’t seen or heard of any beaches being covered in oil. Certainly some beaches are muddy, and the water at some near rivers is full of silt, but, again, none that I know of that are “covered in oil”…


“Kathleen, it is apparent that the majority of the information that is presented in your materials is geared for Americans. Do you have any information that pertains more to Canadians looking to move overseas?”

–Steve S., Canada

Not so. Most all the information we share is as relevant for Canadians as it is for Americans…and anyone else who reads English. One difference for citizens of Canada versus citizens of the United States has to do with taxes and how they are imposed. As a Canadian, you can organize your affairs to eliminate your tax obligation in Canada (by establishing residency in another country). Not so for us Americans.

Another difference is that it’s easier for Canadians to open bank accounts offshore than it is for Americans in the current climate.

Further, as, at the moment, the U.S. and the Canadian dollars are at par, costs in the destinations we feature work out to be about the same for both groups.

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