The World’s Top Retirement Haven For 2014

“Kathleen, I have been reviewing your Retire Overseas Index from 2013 and have just one question so far. I have been able to easily locate 20 of the 21 places included; however, I am not exactly sure of what is meant by Panama City Beaches, Panama? I have been reviewing a map of Panama and was wondering if you could direct me to the actual area that is referred to as ‘Panama City Beaches’?”

–Tony F., retiree in training

The “Panama City Beaches” are those along the Pacific coast west of and beginning about an hour outside Panama City. The stretch includes beaches from Chame to Rio Hato.

This region of Panama, featured in our 2013 Retire Overseas Index, made the cut for our 2014 survey, as well, which is due out next week and which again features 21 top retirement havens worldwide.

The best place to retire overseas in 2014? I don’t want to steal our own thunder so won’t name it yet. Watch this space starting Sunday.

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