Three Good Weather Places To Retire Overseas


“Kathleen, your letters are very welcome and are the stuff that dreams are made on. Keep ’em coming for me (64-years-old and counting!).”

–Rutledge E., United States

“Kathleen, we appreciate the advice and all your seasoned recommendations muchly, but as we are sensitive to humidity, can you recommend anywhere that includes a warm and dry climate?”

–Beatrice D., United States

First, we have to agree on a definition for “warm.” Do you want Arizona warm…or something less intense? Probably you don’t want Arizona, which most of us would agree is not warm, but hot.

If, in fact, you’d be ok with hot and dry, I’d suggest Santa Fe de Antioquia, in Colombia, which is about an hour-and-a-half from Medellin and an appealing small town. My biggest complaint with it is that it’s too hot…but maybe it’d suit you nicely.

Cafayete, Argentina, could also be a great choice, though, again, maybe sometimes too “warm” for you.

Or consider San Miguel de Allende. This colonial city in Mexico’s highlands can get humid, but, generally speaking, the weather here qualifies as warm and dry.

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