Too Young To Retire To Ecuador?

“I’m 29 years old and plan on retiring by age 50. My retirement means no longer working for another company or individual–I’m interested in starting a small business myself. I’m currently overseas in Asia working and saving my money. Ecuador looks promising. Are expats here generally over 50, or are there some younger people there, too? And what about small business owners?”

–Zuri A., Asia

Latin America Correspondent Lee Harrison responds:

Cuenca is still mostly retirees, but there’s an increasing number of younger expats there, too. For the most part–in my experience-these are entrepreneurs who started up small businesses, along with a handful of people who work online. But younger Americans are still a minority.

The other component of Americans is the group of language students and language teachers that live there. My niece had a number of teaching friends. But the majority of her friends were Ecuadorian. So, a young person may have a handful of Americans to hang out with, but literally thousands of young, educated Ecuadorians.


“How do I qualify as a “QRP” in Belize? Do I have to own property or can I rent?”

–Joe F., United States

To meet the requirements for a Qualified Retired Person (QRP) visa in Belize, you don’t need to buy property in the country. Nor are you required to make a substantial investment in Belize. You merely need to show that you have an income of US$2,000 a month coming into the country.

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