Top Lifestyle Options In Belize

“Kathleen, I have been receiving your emails for some time now. I like what you say about Belize. I’m sold on the idea. My wife, on the other hand, not so much. I got her to at least travel to Belize and see if we could/would like it there.

“My question to you is: Where would it be best to visit to see what life is like in Belize?”

–Keith B., United States

Despite its small size, Belize offers very different lifestyle options. Ambergris Caye is the best of Caribbean island life and home to a large and active expat community supported by lots of expat-friendly infrastructure—from wine and cheese stores to beach bars and golf cart rental shops (golf carts are the primary means of transportation on this island).

Placencia, on the southern mainland coast, is another beachfront option, also developed to include the kinds of services and amenities expats appreciate. Less developed, more secluded, and more laid-back is Corozal, on the northern mainland coast. You go to Corozal to enjoy its quiet shores in peace.

Inland, meantime, the country’s Cayo District offers another kind of escape. This lush region of rain forest and rivers appeals to the self-resilient type, the frontiersman (and woman), and the pioneer.

I’d recommend seeing all four locales if possible. I’ve known people who’ve gone to Belize certain they wanted to live on Ambergris Caye only to decide to settle in Cayo instead once they’d seen both regions… and vice versa. The good news is that Belize boasts a developed system of domestic air travel. You can hop around among these four areas of the country easily, often choosing from many different flight times daily.

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