Top Retirement And Property Investment Options In Europe

“Kathleen, Bob and I have attended several of your events, and we were both happy to see you on Fox Business Network this morning. I’m sorry you didn’t have more time to promote Live and Invest, as such, but you were once again fantastic as you encouraged people to look at one bright side right now. This does open a wonderful buying opportunity for those who are interested in purchasing property out of this country.

“All the best to you and Lief in your exciting and safe travels.”

–Beverly S., United States


“Kathleen, remember there’s more to Europe! Portugal has more than the Algarve, Spain more than Barcelona, France more than Languedoc, and Italy way more than Abruzzo! And what about Mallorca, Malta, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg,

–Zoe W., United States

We agree. Europe has so much to offer, especially right now, given the dollar’s strength versus the euro. We’re finalizing a euro-property survey now that will compare the costs of buying in 15 eurozone destinations, and we’ll be looking at top retirement choices in the Old World in depth and with the help of expats who’ve called them home, during this year’s Retire Overseas Conference in Orlando. More information on that program is here.

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