Top Retirement Options In Spain And Italy

“It was interesting to read Lee’s comments about ‘The last one in please close the door.’ We were fortunate enough to experience Roatan in the early 1980s. We flew in from Honduras on a DC-3 and landed in a thunderstorm. The airport was terminal—really. It was raining harder inside the building than outside.

“The only expats we saw were divers and sailboat enthusiasts. Five of us rented a 40-foot sailboat and sailed the Bay Islands for seven glorious days. We had a vacation in an unmolested paradise we’ll never forget. If we only knew then what we know now, we’d have stayed there. Beautiful, memorable, loving people!”

–Darwin O., United States

“When I retire and become eligible for Medicare, will I be able to avail of Medicare benefits if I live outside of the United States?”

Patrick, United States

Unfortunately, Medicare doesn’t cover medical costs overseas. But, after age 65, most Americans would be covered by Medicare during trips back to the United States, so we recommend keeping it as a backup even if you do retire overseas.

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