Top Retirement Options In Spain And Italy


“I’ve enjoyed your descriptive writing and fabulous relocation tips for some time. Retirement is a ways off but I’m dreaming of overseas if I can get my wife on board.

“Your recent piece in Huff Post–’Two Affordable, Turn-Key Retirement Options In Europe’—was perfect. Quick question: Is there a similar place in Italy? I’d prefer Barcelona, myself, but my wife is lobbying for Italy if there’s a place that’s very expat-friendly and affordable.

“Since I prefer my wife over Barcelona, we may land in Italy someday! Please keep up the good work.”

–Charles W., United States

Thank you, Charles. We’ll be covering both Barcelona, Spain, and Italy’s Abruzzo region in our Annual Retire Overseas Index coming up next month in Overseas Retirement Letter. (We have a limited offer on, right now, to try this newsletter for 30 days for just 99 cents. Details here.) You’ll also find a Country Retirement Report on Abruzzo in our bookstore here.

Best of luck to you and your wife in narrowing your options.

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