Traffic In Bangkok, Thailand

“Kathleen, the article ‘Christmas in Chiang Mai‘ was timely for us. We just spent two days in Bangkok the end of November. It was curious to us that there were so many Christmas decorations in a Buddhist country. Our guide said that they like to celebrate all the holidays. The Thais we met were extremely nice and friendly. Contrasted to the attendants on the American jet home, who were cranky.

Bangkok was crowded, hot, and had terrible scary traffic. I don’t think I could drive there.”

–Bruce K., United States


“Kathleen, I totally agree with Lee Harrison’s assessment of the United States when he wrote: ‘The problem here is that the flight was bound for the United States, an aggressor nation and the world’s self-appointed policeman.’

“I was just in Panama for a week and was shocked when we had to go through another security check at the gate. I am anxiously looking forward to retiring in 2013 and moving to a country that doesn’t treat its citizens like criminals.

“Thanks for the information you bring to us on the best way to accomplish that!”

–Candace L., United States

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