Transportation In And Around Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic


“Lief and Kathleen, while I agree with your reporting that Las Terrenas may be close to perfect, there is one aspect that could use improvement—transportation in and around. After visiting many towns in DR where guaguas (mini-buses) were available on the main streets, we were surprised to find no such transport in LT.

“If you don’t have your own vehicle, you must utilize the motor-coaches—that is, ride behind a motorcycle driver and hold on. If it is too far for you to walk into town for shopping, you have to learn to take what is available. Middle-aged and heavy, this was an adjustment for me, but I learned. I also learned to only buy what I can carry home while riding a motor-coach.

“This situation is a perfect opportunity for someone to start a business to fill this need. A couple of seven- to nine-passenger vans moving from points on the beach to (initially) the Super Pola supermarket would always be full. I’ll be their first customer.”

–Lynda H., Dominican Republic


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