Travel And Investment In Tolu And Cartagena

“Kathleen, I visited Colombia coming from Germany last year on a self-planned tour, doing only the Caribbean region. A wonderful and very interesting country. At the beginning we stayed in Cartagena. The beach hotels are not cheap by European standards. The classic tourist bars and restaurants are relatively expensive, especially if you think of the average income of residents.

“We booked a car and traveled toward Panama. Colombia is building up a system of tolls on all main roads. The prices are a lot higher than in Europe, and the roads are often bad, even if construction is evident everywhere. Bus travel has therefore nearly tripled in price for overland travel. You get used to frequent road blocks, even though it seems that rented cars have special number plates and are mostly waved through. Military and police posts are even in the most remote villages. They live and work in the middle of dope fields. Off the main roads (e.g. between Tolu and Cartagena) I would estimate that at least 60% of the crop was marijuana. Big motorcycles patrolling these roads frequently, to make sure you don’t stop to either photograph or pick this.

“Apart from the popular beaches (touts and people selling watches, hats, sunglasses, etc.), the cities feel safe. Off the beaten track was much better, offering great opportunity.

“All in all a country worth visiting with a great perspective for investors.”

–Klaus E., Germany

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