Travel And Residency Visa Restrictions

“Kathleen, I just wanted to thank you, Lief, and everyone involved with the Orlando conference. It was all that I could have hoped for. I appreciate your courtesy and professionalism throughout. All your staff was wonderful and very helpful.

“I do have one question that is vital to me in my upcoming trip to 27 cities in 15 countries this December. I want to go to these destinations and stay as long as I am happy there with the possible desire to move permanently if I am continuously happy being there. Since I am not purchasing following destination airline tickets, it seems that I might have problems getting my instant visa when I arrive. It seems that each country wants to see a ticket showing at some point that I am leaving and this might or might not be the case.

“How can I circumvent this problem without purchasing follow-up airline tickets when I do not know when I will leave each destination? To help with your answer, I will give you my 15 country destinations. I will start in Mexico, then Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, the Philippines, Vietnam (I am aware that I must get a visa in Vietnam before I can enter the country), Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, and finally Thailand.

“Thank you very much.”

–Michael P., United States

One solution would be to buy a full-fare refundable ticket for leaving each country before entering. This could be a separate itinerary and a separate ticket from the travel ticket you’re planning to use to enter the country. This would allow you to show you have an onward ticket. This would get you into the country, then you could refund the ticket and carry on with your plan.

Another alternative would be to buy a bus ticket out of each country prior to arrival. You can usually do this online, and the cost would be much less than a fully refundable plane ticket.

Good luck!

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