Travel & Safety In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, how can you make such statements about Medellin, the drug capital of the world?!”

–Herman T., United States

With your strong preconceptions, I won’t be able to change your mind about Medellin.

But Medellin will.

Come see her for yourself.


“Kathleen, Medellin sounds wonderful to visit, but retirement at 8,000+ feet will put a great many seniors off.

“Many of them already need oxygen at lower elevations!”

–Barry C., United States

Good news: Medellin sits at about an elevation of about 5,000 feet.

I’d say this is the ideal altitude. High enough to benefit from a near-perfect climate all year-round but not so high as to trigger the kinds of health problems you’re thinking about.


“Hi, Kathleen. I am Steve from New York. At this moment, I am in Medellin. I love it here. I come here for dental work…my wife also. We own a home here, and the scenery is awesome. The people are also awesome, and the economy seems to be on an upswing. There are plenty of reasonable apartments in beautiful Poblado.

“We live in Florida Nueva near the metro. It is far more convenient for a person without a car and we have a world-class sports complex for walking and people-watching and tennis and volleyball. Most of all it is the people that draw me back at each opportunity.

“To all your other readers, I say: Come here. It is safe. The scenery is spectacular, the culture is refreshing, and the price is right.”

–Steve S., Colombia

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