Travel Azuero Sunset Coast Panama

We spent the weekend in Veraguas, on the west coast of the Azuero PeninsulaPanama’s Sunset Coast. This remains a frontier that completely captures my imagination. Long stretches of virgin Pacific coastline. Modest beachfront fishing villages. Tiny congregations here and there of community, including more and more non-local.

This is a place to come to make your mark. Traveling here, I imagine this to be what the west coast of the United States must have been like in the early 1800s.

We stayed at our friend Robby’s cabanas in Torio. Robby’s pond is home to ducks and fish, turtles and caimans. Robby has farmed the ducks, the fish, and the turtles. He’s working hard to discourage the caimans but losing the battle.

Ten-year-old Jackson brought his BB gun and enjoyed target practice early each morning on the dirt hill behind Robby’s open-air restaurant. He’d shoot at empty plastic Gatorade bottles until it was time for breakfast.

Afternoons we spent hiking and swimming at Los Islotes. Saturday night, we scared up a five-card draw poker game. Robby and Jackson were the big winners.

We reconnected with old friends in this part of the country and made new ones. Each visit we are greeted by more expats, from Canada and the United States, from France and Norway, from Britain and New Zealand…

Then, Sunday, alas, time to return from the campo back to the big city…

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