Travel Diversity In Ecuador From The Andes To The Amazon

“Kathleen, I am enjoying all the info you have to offer regarding retiring overseas. Specifically, I have just visited Ecuador for three weeks–the Andes and the Amazon jungle (Napo River)–and I can testify that Ecuador is ever so easily adapted to.

“We have traveled the world and are seriously looking at three countries for retirement. Just wanted to chime in and endorse the positive info you give on Ecuador. As you said recently, don’t judge this country by Quito. Ecuador is diverse and quite variable from north to south.”

–Lanna G., United States


“Kathleen, hello. I am a professor at Penn State University, and I teach International Business. I enjoy your posts and gave your address to my IB 303 students to learn more about the countries you cover, as well as to see investment ideas.

“Thanks for the great resources for my students.”

–Dr. Sherron S., United States

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