Travel France

Happy Poisson d’Avril.

We bring this holiday with us from France, where children celebrate the start of April by trying to attach paper fish to the backs of their victims without being noticed.

Most successful is the child who manages to stick a fish to his teacher’s back without getting caught.

Jackson, who attends the French school here in Panama City, climbed aboard his bus this morning with a backpack full of construction paper poissons and a fierce grin.

“Saturday, May 1, was la fête du travail (Labor Day) and the first of four national holidays in France this month,” writes Correspondent from that country Lucy Culpepper.

“All over France, stands have appeared on street corners and in supermarket car parks selling little posies of sweet-smelling muguet (lily of the valley).

“The money raised by the muguet sellers is often donated to charity. This is the only time of year when a blind eye is turned (almost) to all this unregulated enterprise.”


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