Travel In Beirut, Lebanon, And Syria

“Kathleen, I’ve just returned from Beirut, Lebanon, and can say it’s the safest city I’ve ever visited, unlike the USA, where there appears to be shootings every day. I understand your astonishment at the many cancellations for your recent Nicaragua event. Adolf Hitler had a great propaganda team, and I’m afraid that Canada and the USA are not far behind.

“Everyone tried to dissuade me from going, and I thankfully ignored them. Even had a short foray into Syria to visit a friend living in Damascus. The Western press is very skillful at scaremongering… it sells papers!

“Beirut is not only safe, but the people are extremely friendly, and the country is beautiful. Your kindnesses to the children in Nicaragua and Panama that you’ve written about resonated with me while I was traveling there. I saw many women, Syrian refugees, who squat on the sidewalk with anywhere from one to three kids. Originally I gave them money, but then I changed tactics and gave to each one a bag containing oranges, apples, bananas, grapes, and a bottle of fresh orange juice.”

–Derek B., United States

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