Travel In Moscow

“I just spent eight years in Moscow, and the population is not 20 million, as you reference recently, but I agree it certainly feels that way. The actual population, though, is less than 11 million.”

— Dorothy G., Germany

Web Marketing Director Irina Star, a native Muscovite who returns today from two weeks visiting her homeland, replies:

“The official number is around 11 million. The number doubles when you count tourists and illegal immigrants from former Soviet republics. Remember, after the fall of the Soviet Union, all the republics lost state support, and a lot of jobs disappeared. To survive, millions of people from newly formed countries like Tadjikistan, Azerbaijan, etc., fled to Moscow in search of jobs.

“The number that I quoted recently (20 million) comes from several Muscovites who have lived here all their lives and who follow the local news. But they all admit that this number is just an estimate, as nobody has an exact count…”


“Kathleen, I’m so glad to find you finally. When you left International Living, I tried to figure out what was going on. They didn’t say anything; and I couldn’t find out enough on google to make sense of it. Then, the other day, I saw an article online. You were quoted in the piece. I googled again, and there you were! Live and Invest Overseas. It then made perfect sense. So now I’m subscribing and looking forward to your brilliant prose once again.”

— Dale K., United States

Thank you, Dale, for taking time to search me out and then to get in touch. The effort is much appreciated. I hope you’re not disappointed now that you’ve found me! Please keep in touch and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help as you pursue your live and invest overseas plans.

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