Travel Panama…

“Kathleen, no mention of the Amador Causeway in your thin-slicing report on Panama? I’d say that’s probably the best Panama City lifestyle play.”

— Daryl H., United States

I like what’s being created on Amador, too. This is one of our favorite Sunday morning hang-outs, a great place for breakfast, coffee, a long walk, or a bike ride. Living here could be pleasant and affords great views of both downtown Panama City across the bay and of the Bridge of the Americas and the entrance to the Panama Canal.

I worry, though, about access…as there’s but one loonnnggg road in and out.


“Kathleen, I can’t make it to your Belize conference in June. And believe me, I really would like to come. My wife and I are looking for important information on health care in this country.

“We have two autistic children, ages 10 and 12. We live in Norway, where the children enjoy a good working medical care system. School is going well. They attend an ordinary school, with assistants and a special school plan. When they come to the age of 18, they will be entitled to a place of their own to live. A condo, maybe with other friends, as well as a place to work if that is possible for them. This gives us as parents the ease of mind we need. We know there will be a day when we won’t be around anymore, and it is good to know that somebody will look after them.

“With our plans for early retirement, we are considering options in this context.

“Would you say that Belize could be the right choice for our family? How can we ensure that our children have a safe future and arrange things so that all is taken care for them when we get too old to look after them?

“Many thanks in advance for your comments and good luck with the seminar.”

— Rianna & Harry A., Norway

Belize Correspondent Phil Hahn replies:

“Frankly, I would say that Belize is not the right place for you. Your situation and plans for your future require more government programs and involvement than exists in Belize.

“One of the most appealing things about Belize is its non-meddlesome government. However, the flip side to this is that the types of specialized care programs and support you are looking for do not exist here.”

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