Travel Panama…Travel France…

“I am traveling to Panama very soon. In the next week. Looking at property.

“So I have been trying to find great flight fares.

“I would like to come to one of your group meetings. Perhaps in Panama soon!

“Can you turn me on to some flight specials? Last time I had a return ticket from Seattle to Panama for 700 Canadian dollars.

“The Canadian dollar is almost on par, so I feel this would be an excellent opportunity for investment.

“I live on Vancouver Island, but traveling from anywhere is no problem.

“I was checking all-inclusives in Mexico to fly from there, with no luck yet.

“This can get very frustrating, so I would love some help…as I am a paid member and all!”

— Tricia C., Canada, on Facebook

After a little research, Panama Editor Rebecca Tyre suggests:

“You could fly American Airlines from Seattle to Panama City for US$640, including taxes, round-trip.

“Or, better, if your schedule is flexible enough, Continental Airlines is offering a seat sale today from Houston to Panama City for US$199 round-trip, not including taxes. Tickets must be purchased by Midnight tonight Central Time for travel this Saturday, April 10, returning Monday or Tuesday.

“A flight from Miami to Panama City on Continental currently costs just US$244. Las Angeles to Panama City is US$400.

“Setting out from the East Coast, you could fly Copa Airlines (Panama’s airline, with a great customer service record) from Washington Dulles to Panama for just US$238 round-trip, not including taxes.”


The French hate Americans, dude.

“What is the cheapest, safest, most stable nation you recommend?”

— Robert T., United States

Au contraire, dear reader. I lived in Paris for four years. No one ever gave any indication of hating me. I was welcomed by my neighbors and made many friends.

Ecuador is cheap but maybe not so stable, depending how you interpret that idea.

Belize is stable but not as cheap.

France is safe, but its currency is not stable (that is, it makes for an exchange risk depending where you’re earning your income).

Panama is safe and stable. Panama City is no longer cheap, but elsewhere in the country sure can be.

Uruguay is super safe and stable but not as cheap as it used to be.

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