Travel, Retirement, And Adventure In Belize Versus Roatan, Honduras

“Kathleen, I have been to Belize twice now, once to Ambergris Caye and once to the mainland. Had a blast doing all the activities, snorkeling, caves, zip-lining, etc. The people are some of the nicest people you will meet.

“I was thinking about a trip to the island of Roatan in Honduras and noticed you don’t write much about that island. Have you spent any time there, and can you pass on any information, good or bad, about Roatan? The diving and snorkeling must be as good as Ambergris Caye, but is the city life different?”

–Dean M., United States

Roatan, part of the Bay Islands of Honduras, doesn’t have a city, but, then, neither does Ambergris. The main (only) town on Ambergris is a former fishing village known as San Pedro; on Roatan the main “town” is the community that has established itself at West End.

Both Ambergris and Roatan are diver and snorkeler havens. The official language on both islands is English (as both were at one time English outposts; Roatan was part of British Honduras until the mid-1800’s).

One difference between Roatan and Ambergris is that Roatan is a mountainous island, while Ambergris is flat). Also, Roatan is much bigger than Ambergris, with, therefore, many different communities.

We don’t cover (or recommend) mainland Honduras (it’s poor, dirty, and unsafe in places). However, we do recommend Roatan, which is a separate world and one of the best bargains in the Caribbean. Note that you can fly from the United States directly to Roatan, meaning you don’t have to connect through mainland Honduras if you don’t want to.

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