Travel, Retirement, Residency, And Investment In Greece

“Kathleen, good article on Greece. I have to tell you that last summer there weren’t any strikes (that I know of). I guess the union dorks finally figured out how much stopping transportation, not collecting garbage, and closing the Acropolis hurts the number-one economic boom to the country, tourism.

“If you want to rent long-term, unfurnished, a realtor friend told me he could get us an apartment for 400 euros for a two-bedroom, in the town where he lives. It’s in Puerto Rafti, which is a suburb of Athens, on the sea. It is quite close to the new airport and close to Athens.

“I would much rather buy in one of the islands, especially Lesvos, but my wife finds it too Greek and loves the cosmopolitan life of Athens. Athens also keeps getting nicer, as well. There are many nice areas with steady progress in making more green areas and pedestrian-only streets.

“Thanks for the info on the residency program in Greece. I will look into it. As we come closer to parity with the euro it will make Europe much more attractive as a real estate investment. I was thinking about a second passport in Greece, but the tax liability was a concern, although they don’t seem very aggressive about collecting income taxes!”

–Paul K., United States

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