Travel Safety In Medellin, Colombia

“Kathleen, what is the conversion if I want to work out the cost per square foot of a house instead of per square meter?”

–Phyl D., United States

A square meter is 10.76 square feet. For quick conversions, you can use 1 square meter = 10 square feet.

Here’s a website you can bookmark for help when making these kinds of conversions.


“Kathleen, I for one love that most people think Colombia (and Medellin) are too dangerous to go to visit let alone to live there. This keeps the riff-raff out and keeps the prices down so I can actually afford to buy, live, and invest there.

“I will be making my 15th trip to Colombia (Bogota) in less than two weeks. I do love that country. The people are the most friendly I have ever met (and I have been around the work three times). The lifestyle is healthy, the families are loving and accepting, and the pace is not ‘half-a-day’ as in the Caribbean or hectic like it is here in the United States but somewhere in the middle…”

–Brandt L., United States

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