Travel In Tuscany And Naples, Italy

“Kathleen, I have two comments about recent articles. The first refers to the Tuscany versus Provence article. I just wondered what Tuscany you visited where the architecture was all ‘brown and terra cotta.’ After living in Tuscany for 2.5 years and visiting many times before and after, I never saw that. Most visitors see the warm glow of the stones as rosy.

“In addition, I don’t see any point in comparing Tuscany and Provence in the first place. Why not appreciate each place for what it is? The description of Naples was accurate, but the tone seemed to be one of surprise. It has been this way for decades.

“The other article I want to comment on is one that calls Valparaiso the ‘Frisco’ of Latin America. As someone who lives in the San Francisco Bay area of California, I know that the term ‘Frisco’ went out with World War II. No one calls this place that anymore.

“Most of your articles seem to express more understanding and knowledge than these, and I would urge more consistent and competent writing if the articles are to be more informative than annoying.”

–Barbara C., United States

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