Travel Writing…How To Retire

“Kathleen, I have traveled all over the world, writing to my friends via e-mail about the experiences. They all tell me I need to write a book. With that in mind, I’m interested in learning more about your Travel Writer’s program. Does your information include details on how and where to submit articles?

“I’ve been a nomad since 2006, spending a lot of time in Asia, Europe, and Egypt. I’m still looking with great interest for that place to plant myself…not one place, but ocean beach in the winter and fall foliage on a lake in the summer.

“Thanks for the wonderful newsletter and all the information.”

— Pamela H., United States

Read all about the Travel Writer’s course here.

Yes, the program includes information on where and how to submit articles for publication.


“Kathleen, I just bought your new book, How to Retire Overseas, and I couldn’t put it down! I’ve been reading your Overseas Opportunity Letter for months and wondered if there would be a lot of repetition. Not so.

“I’m 60, a single woman, planning retirement, on a budget, and learning Spanish (my professora said it would probably take me two years of immersion to be fluent), so my priorities (as you write so well in your book) are different from someone who is younger (and with children). If I were younger, it would be Panama City, hands-down. I think I should take my son to check it out.

“As for the budget, your great way of laying out the pros and cons of each of the 14 places covered in your book made it easy to see that I could afford to slip into most all of them as of this writing. But your book details so much more than just those 14 places, and, as you also write, it is about more than cost. One needs to feel out an area within a country to see if it is right for them.

“Therefore, I’m planning on a looong trip this summer, spending a short time in Panama and then in Ecuador to see if I’ll be OK at the higher altitude. (I really appreciated your comment about that in your book.)

“Your book gave me the confidence to just go do it, to give it a try. Thank you.”

— K.J.H., United States

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